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01 July 2009 @ 01:37 am
Title: 我的億萬麵包
Also known as: My Trillion Breads, My Love Bread, Love or Bread
Genre: Comedy romance
Episodes: 12
Broadcast period: 2008-Nov-16 to 2009-Feb-08
Air time: Sunday 22:00-23:30
Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Shan Mei (Ariel Lin) is a poor and very hardworking young woman, who ran off to Hangzhou to marry the love of her life. Unfortunately she got ditched and returned. Since she had cut ties with her family, she started to live in an old house. She has to share the house with Frank (Joe Cheng), a lazy young man who’s in a debt because he spends his money on expensive clothing. Even though they argue a lot, they face obstacles together and something starts to blossom...

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25 February 2009 @ 10:32 pm
Name of Drama: ラスト・フレンズ
AKA: Last Friends
Air Dates: April 10, 2008 to July 19, 2008
Air time: Thursdays 22:00 (10 PM)
Length: 1 hour
Country: Japan
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 11
Viewership: 17.7 (Kanto)
Score: 8/10

Michiru (Masami Nagasawa) was invited by her dream man Sosuke (Ryo Nishikido) to live with him, "saving" her from her negligent mother. While preparing to move in with Sosuke, Michiru runs into her high school friend Ruka (Juri Ueno) and promise to meet up again. Once Michiru has moved in with Sosuke, she receives a call from Ruka, leading Sosuke to believe that Michiru is cheating on him. Sosuke hits Michiru repetitively, causing Michiru to run to Ruka for safty. Ruka's affection for Michiru goes further than just friendship, and she vows to protect Michiru no matter what.

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Name of Drama: 진짜 진짜 좋아해 / Jinjja Jinjja Joahae
AKA: I Really Really Like You / Love Truly
Air Dates: April 8, 2006 to August 6, 2006
Air time: Saturday and Sunday 19:55 (7:55 PM)
Length: 1 hour
Country: South Korea
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 34
Score: 8/10

Lee Min-ki as
Nam Bong-ki

Eugene as
Yuh Bong-soon

Ryu Jin as
Jang Joon-won

Yuh Bong-soon is 25 years old and is living with her Granny in the middle of nowhere. Bong-soon is a poster child of a country bumpkin. Her best friends are her farm animals, she grinds her own foods, makes her own bean pastes, and uses an outhouse. One day she finds Jang Joon-won unconscious near her house. She takes him in, unknowing that his father is the president of South Korea.

Nam Bong-ki is a self centered bodyguard. He is sent out pick up Joon-won from Bong-soon's house. Unaware of Joon-won's relation to the president, Bong-ki can only complain at Bong-soon and Joon-won, even asking for compensation money. Before Bong-ki and Bong-soon leave for Seoul, Granny gets gravely ill. She tells Bong-soon that her father and mother are still alive, and that she must find them.

Bong-soon finds herself going into Seoul searching for her parents with only two photographs as her clues. Out of gratitude, Joon-won looks over Bong-soon and tries to help guide her. But out of miscommunication, Bong-ki finds himself in debt with Bong-soon. He pays it off by letting her room in his bedroom.

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06 February 2009 @ 02:06 pm
Hi everyone!

I just wanted to quickly say that I cut out some of the rules from the "How to Post" page. It should be a little less intimidating now (I hope).

I mainly just cut out the whole title information, because I can just edit that myself for the memories page. I hope to see some reviews added soon by other people (hopefully XD)

Anyways, I have been busy with school so I haven't been able to post much, but I will hopefully add a few in the next week or so.

These three girls were all in popular female groups at the same time as each other (S.E.S, Baby V.O.X, and FIN.KL) and all have debuted as actresses. It could probably be agreed that they are the most successful members to break off from the groups as well. But each girl has different degrees of success in acting, which I find odd.

Yoon Eun-hye has been the most successful as an actress, which is from her ability to deliver comedic performance while being able to shed believe tears and emotions. But I would have say that Hyo-ri could possibly be a better actress than Eugene. Although Eugene is cute and in more dramas, Hyo-ri has a more natural acting style, that seems more realistic.

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Name of Drama: 쾌걸 춘향 / Kwae-geol Choon-hyang
AKA: Sassy Girl, Choon-hyang / Pleasurable Girl Choon-Hyang
Air Dates: January 3rd 2005 to March 1st 2005
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM
Length: 1 hour
Country: South Korea
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Adaptation
Episodes: 17
Score: 7/10

Sung Choon-hyang played by Han Chae-young (Exhibition of Fireworks, Only You)
Lee Mong-ryong played by Jae Hee (One Mom and Three Dads, Witch Amusment, 3-Iron)
Byun Hak-do played by Uhm Tae-woong (The Devil, Fight)
Hong Chae-rin played by Park Shi-eun (Dr. Kkang, Looking For Dorothy)

Delightful Girl Choon-hyang is based off the classic Korean story Chunhyangga. This adaptation tries to put the story in modern times. The show had been a big hit in South Korea, ending the series with a 32% rating, average rating of 24% per episode. So far I have only watched the first two episodes, and I am not too impressed. But by looking at the rating numbers, I have a feeling the series picks up around the 5th episode.

Choon-hyang is the top student of her school, but lives with her mother, a night performer. She works hard and is usually low on money. One day she jumps over a fence, and Mong-ryong happened to be under her. Choon-hyang. To get back at him, she steals his cellphone. The next day at school she finds out that the boy she met at the park was a transfer student at her school.

Mong-ryong had transferred schools several times. He had gotten into several fights with other students. He transferred from Seoul to Namwon was because his father is the new Police Chief. It doesn't take Mong-ryong long to find trouble. Han Choon-hyang goes to the night club where her mother works and start to get harassed by some men. Mong-ryong sees Choon-hyang and defends her. The cops come and Mong-ryong's father is disapointed to see his son getting into fights again. Choon-hyang explains that he got into the fight because of her.

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12 January 2009 @ 05:44 am
AKA: Hausu
Directed By: Nobuhiko Obayashi
Year: 1977
Country: Japan
Genre: Horror... er.. Comedy
Length: 87 min.
Score: 4.5/5
Trailer: via YouTube.com
Auntie/Grandma - Yôko Minamida
Oshare - Kimiko Ikegami
Fanta - Kumiko Ohba
Kung Fu - Miki Jinbo
Gari - Ai Matsubara
Melody - Eriko Tanaka
Sweet - Masayo Miyako
Mac - Mieko Satoh

I haven't been the type who watched scary films to get scared. I always enjoyed the campier films that were over the top and visually complex. My favorite being Susperia, a movie that I wouldn't say has a complicated plot. Nor is it really scary. But the whole movie has intricate sets and bright color lighting. House is in a similar vain.

Director Nobuhiko Obayashi started out by making various experimental films. He played around with some common special effects such as green screening, tinting, and editing styles. But House was his first feature length film. Obayashi doesn't hold back on special effects. He stylizes every scene making an alternate reality, making it quite easy to accept that a piano and pillows can eat a girl.

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Describing the movie style is hard. Nobuhiko Obayashi has a very specific style, and it is easy to tell just by looking at screencaps of his movies. The violence is similar to Evil Dead, where everything is over the top. The special effects, by todays standards are cheesy, but it is part of the original humor. And the most common comparison is Beetlejuice and Suspiria collided into one. But under all that, there is a strong sense of Japan's comedy style.

But if you are thinking, wow this movie sounds awesome, you might want to read about where to find this movie. Sadly the movie will not be released in the US anytime soon. Janus Films owns the video distribution rights to movie, but so far has only released the movie at festivals and on IFC. The only current DVD release available is a German release (which you can download from AsianDVDClub) But I was able to find my copy on some random blog by googling hausu download. If you are still not down with that, you can also watch it on almost any streaming video site. But I would highly recommend watching the higher quality downloadable version.
Dorama: Mendol - Ikemen idol -
Airing: 2008-Oct-10 to 2008-Dec-26
Length per Episode: ca. 30min
Category: Fiday 24 dorama

* Kojima Haruna - Wakamatsu Asahi / Riku
* Takahashi Minami - Kawachi Nami / Kai
* Minegishi Minami - Otawa Hinata / Kuu
* Hirota Reona - Saeko
* Yingling - Marilyn
* Kawano Naoki - Jiro
* Tagawa Yosuke - Sarukawa Keiji
* Takigawa Hanako - Rei
* Hakuryu - "Kuronyan" / Yakuza


The show is about 3 girls (Asahi/Hiata/Nami) trying to be Idols. But they always fail their auditions. One day they meet after one audition. Nami and Asahi find a cellphone strap toy (which has some data inside) and are nowon searched by the Yakuza that want to retrieve the data. This is harder as they think since the girls are nowhere to be found. That's because the Manager Saeko took them in and promotes them as a idol group of MEN. From there on they call themselfes Riku/Kai/Kuu and the group is named Persona.

So it's all about the rise and fall of Idols and so on. So far you could think it is a rather serious but weird show. In fact it's weird but not even close to be serious.
That starts with the fact that the whole show is comedic about all people in idol business and every episode has several situational comedy (mostly in a sexual way), or some "fanservice" from the 3 girls.

Rating: 9/10 for those who like the AKB girls and or like the humor or like 4/10 if nothing of this.

Why does the rating differ so much? Well I think it's not everybodies kind of humor in this show. And if on top you are not liking Idols and or especially AKB48 then it shurely does not help. If you can#t laugh about the sillieness of the show and the situations they happen to be in then you won't like the show. If you like the humor then the show is a really good laugh from the beginning to the end.

For more details/ pics and episodic review check the posts in my LJ:

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06 January 2009 @ 12:51 pm
Name of Drama: 不良笑花 / Bu Liang Xiao Hua
AKA: Miss No Good / The Bad Campus Bell / Campus Shrewd
Air Dates: September 7th 2008 to December 7th 2008
Air time: Sunday 22:00 (10 PM)
Length: 1 hour 30 minutes
Country: Taiwan
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 14
Score: 5/10

Jiang Xiao Hua (Rainie Yang) is a college student who helps her parents run a jewelry store. Unfortunately Xiao Hua has no taste in clothing. She piles on accessories and layers on tons of colors. The episode starts out with Xiao Hua bumping into Tang Men (Wilbur Pan), a famous TV hair stylist. Xiao Hua insists on sharing a taxi together. The two bashes each other styles and leave in a huff and puff.

Xiao Hua gets an invitation to a welcoming party for an old childhood friend Jia Si Le (Dean Fujioka). Si Le was Xiao Hua's best friend, and was nicknamed "Fei" or Fat. Xiao Hua is informed that "Fei" is now incredibly rich, and the party is very upscale.

At the party it is revealed that "Fei" has lost a lot of weight is actually fairly attractive. He even has a strong attraction still with Xiao Hua! At the party Xiao Hua is made fun of, being called a "Christmas Tree." Xiao Hua realizes that Si Le has undergone a transformation, but she has not.

Tang Men looses his styling scissors. The last time he remembered having them was in the taxi. He tries to track down Xiao Hua to see if she has the scissors. Desperate to improve her style, she promises to give back the scissors for styling sessions.

I actually like the story set up, but watching this episode was torture. The main problem would be the main character. I don't know what the costume designer was thinking, but I have no idea why Ranie Yang is wearing that awful wig. It looks like they permed Chewbacca's fur and stapled it on Rainie's head. The worse is when she interacts with her hair, stroking it. Rainie Yang has had her hair curly in the past, so I don't see why they didn't just naturally crimp her hair.

There are just one too many things wrong with the main character. Rainie Yang isn't nearly good enough of an actress to play such a tacky person. I normally don't let bad acting or a bad character get in the way of a show, but when it is the main character...

It is really a shame. I like the plot and idea. I love the American show What Not to Wear because how clueless people can be of their style. Xiao Hua has all the symptoms. I have noticed some people can look past over the top character and find the show very funny. There are some really good jokes, and all the other actors and characters are very good.

One thing is for sure, anyone who despises the show, blames it on Rainie. It isn't fully her fault. The combination of her wig and fake voice completely ruins the character. Which is a shame, I DO like Rainie Yang. And I DON'T think she is a horrible actress. She is just simply miss casted. And the costume designer for this show should be fired!

I guess I will have to wait till Superstar Express airs for the next Rainie drama.
Name of Drama: 黑糖群俠傳
AKA: Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan or The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries
Air Dates: July 28th 2008 to October 18th 2008
Air time: Saturday 21:30 (9:30 PM)
Country: Taiwan
Genre: Teen, Wuxia, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 13
Score: 7/10

West Side High School is one of four different schools that teach martial arts. Each school has a scroll which gives the school their power. If the scrolls are brought together, the owner would obtain an imminence amount of power. For years, the scrolls have been in the four different school and are still there in modern Taiwan. One of the scrolls is stolen from the school, so the strongest students from each school are brought together to try and protect them.

The story starts out with Guo Jing. He desperately wants to learn wugong, but he is a very ordinary person, perhaps a little slow. He stumbles across Linghu Cong and Lu Jian Ning, a couple from West Side High School. He begs them to teach him wugong. Although the two refuse to teach him, fate has Guo Jing find a way into the school, becoming the next prodigy student.

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